The Essence of Love


The essence of love cannot be learned.

You cannot study and become loving.

It starts inside.

It is eternal. It is flow.

It is released from your center.

It is to be shared, given away, released unconditionally.

It is not a practiced art where one can become better by reading and repeating.

It is spontaneous. Allowing.

It pours out of your center and fills you.

Once you are full, you can direct outwards to others.

Like a source of power and energy; it radiates out and there is no limit to how far reaching it can go.

This is the essence of love.

One can master in a moment, an instant, by allowing it in.

Feel it filling your entire body.  Your veins, your cells.

It has always been there.  Like a seed.

Like an expanding, multiplying force.

When you have your own love inside, you do not need to take from others.

This is where people are often challenged.

They insist on receiving it first from an outside source.

They bargain for it.  They put conditions on it. They demand it.

It becomes a burden to all that give.

It becomes a requirement for happiness for those that need to receive.

Yet they have their own love themselves.

It is in them.

It has always been in them.

It is there to give away.

There is no end. There is no limit.

It is power. It is radiant.

One cannot stop the sun from radiating. One cannot stop the moon from shining.

There is no end.

One will never run out.

It is in all of us to give.

When we allow our own love to diminish by our negative self talk, that is the only way to reduce.

Others can’t take it away.

They can encourage you to resistance.

They can hold their own love within, making you feel without.

You are never without.

You have your love center.

When you are used to using another’s love instead of your love, you feel the loss when it is taken from you.

You can recharge your own love in an instant if you allow it.

If you free your heart and mind from unloving thoughts, love will expand again.

It’s as if it is hiding.

It is not needed so it retreats.

Charging it up again with thoughts of love will get it going.

Thoughts are not enough to sustain. It needs to feel.

That is really the key. Love is feeling.

The thought comes after the feeling.

Imagine you have no words.

Feel love.

Feel it’s power.

Feel it grow.

Allow it to take over.

Feel it in your fingers, your touch.

Feel it in your happiness, your laughter, your joy, your bliss.

We are blessed with a wondrous ability to think.

We shouldn’t always think first.

Feel first.

Feel love.

Feel happiness, feel joy, feel bliss.

Then think about it.

Think about sharing it.

If we think first, often we block all our feelings of joy and reduce ourselves to our egos.  Our egos won’t allow love.

When we become egoless, we become love.

No one can hurt you when you have no ego.

The ego is like the doorway to despair and angst.

It invites jealousy in.

It invites hurt in.

It invites anger in.

We start at birth with no ego.

We start to build ego doors that close off the power of our own love.

The more we allow the doors to build and block, the more we feel hurt, and rage, jealousy, revenge, sadness.

When most of our doors are closed we are in a state of complete despair.

It is like it is locked away, waiting to be released.

Too often we wait for the other person to fill us with their love.

We don’t open any of our doors.

We don’t give much of our love in return.

We may at first, but then slowly, the doors close again.

We feel slighted—the door closes.

We feel jealousy—the door closes.

Then we are miserable.

The other person starts to withhold love and we feel empty.


We wonder where it went.

We struggle to try to regain the good feeling we once had.

We try coaxing the other person with bribes.

Do this and I will love you.

Here’s a gift-give me love, then I will love you.

We have no need if we have our own love.

We can give it to others without condition.

We can provide an endless supply if our doors are open.

It is infinite. It grows exponentially.

We have the power to give love to anyone and everyone.

One at a time or to large groups.

We can make other people feel love and happiness.

Then they may discover for themselves a desire to have it also.

People can have a profound impact on each other.

You can help others without telling, by allowing them to feel happiness.

Then they will seek more of it, if they discover their own storehouse within.

They can then supply it for others.

Try standing beside some one and without words or gestures, give them love.

Feel love radiate from you.

Share your endless source of love.

Watch it grow.

If we had no words, no language-how would we show love?

How would we show happiness?

Start within.

Be love.


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