Love Poem: Remembered Kiss VII

Love Poem
Remembered Kiss VII
By Tessa Saks

In the frozen quiet
of morning
I wake
to feel your touch.

A remembered kiss
moves through me
stirring the
back to life.

My constant pull
to find you.
To press my body
firm against yours.
And discover
in the strength
of your embrace…Desire

The endless passion
only to remind me
of all that
I lost
you broke me.
Scattering my love
into all directions.
Never to be found

Fragmented forever
in the winds
of time.
With only memories
to rise and erase
the pain.
A fleeting joy
in remembrance
of the passion
we held.

Bound together
for eternity
the impossible
wakes into
a clear light
shadows on the

Bringing them
beyond awareness.
Too painful to ignore.
Too deep
to erase.

That only time
can wear down
to reveal
the once beautiful
joy of
our perfect love.

In memories.
In the quiet morning.

Before my head stirs and remembers to forget.


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