Love Poem: Remembered Kiss III

Love Poem Desire Tessa Saks
Love Poem: Remembered Kiss III
By Tessa Saks

I am your slave
Awoken at dawn
to do your bidding.
In spirit
you move through me
to awaken the longings
that stir.
That torment.

Yielding to the pressures
of unkempt promises.
Forgotten pleasures resurfacing…
catching me in
their chaos.
Widening the gulf between sanity and lust.
Freeing the tortured soul
of my
hidden love.
A secret stain upon my heart.

The need for your touch
the haunting desires
within my soul.
Enrapturing me.
A hidden victim
of your cruelty
and torment.

Forgotten lust.
A cruel reminder
of my heart
forever sinking
further and
away from you.

Chained in logic.
Corrupted in safe wanting.
The only truth
and vacant.
Pushes you farther
from my life.
My light.
My eternal soul.


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