Love Poem: Remembered Kiss I

Love Poem Tessa Saks
Love Poem: Remembered Kiss I
by Tessa Saks

I need your touch
in the gentle
hours of morning.
And again
in the heat of a hectic day.
And yet again
in the silent falling twilight.

Where are you?
Why can’t you be here
by my side?
Touching the
heart of me
with your caresses.
Awakening the pleasure
resides from within
the depths of my soul.

I am yours.
In body.
In all that I know.
In all that I seek.
The essence of all that I may be.

If only you could be here now.
To still
and awaken my
repressed longing
for a kiss.
A deep passionate kiss
that would
all the anguish.
any pain
that remains
from broken promises and
untold lies.

Free my desire to rise
above my petty needs
and become more than
I have known.

Free my passion.
Free the locked up
for love.
Love in spite of
my deepest insecurity.

A love beyond words
and time.
A love that lingers
and dissolves
the residue of heartache.

Come to me.
Be mine.
In body and beyond.

A timeless love
that withstands
all the torment and pain of life.

A love, true beyond meaning.
That fills this
caustic void
with hope.
The hope of
your touch.
Your flesh.

Sharing in the light of your life.
Burning brighter
because of you.
Only you.


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