Love Poem: To be One

Love Poem
Love Poem: To be One

How may I count
all the hours
and the days
Until I see you again.

To touch you.
To have your body near me.
Hoping beyond reason
that you
will feel as I do.

Hoping for your flesh.
Wanting beyond measure
connection to your soul.

I burn for you
as a candle,
slowly melting.
Until nothing remains.
Then reignited
to burn again.
My flame stronger,
reaching higher
with every
new encounter.

Do you burn for me?
Do you miss the touch
of my hands
upon you?

Are you awoken
by the hunger
for my body?

And when we meet again
will you remember?
Will you take me in your arms
and let all the days
and all the hours
slip away into
a deeper comfort?

The comfort of our love.
The comfort of our souls
in flesh
and sealed with the bond
of two hearts.

To be one.
As before.
As always.

kiss by Andy Virgi

Happy Valentines Day!
May love stir within your heart for someone special.

I have been negligent with my posts but for good reason. I am under the intoxicating influence of blue skies, aqua waters, white sand and tropical flowers. I am also busy writing my next novel. Valentines Day is a good reminder to get back to love and post more love.

Be love.