Love Poem: I Love You

Love Poem

I love you.
In the unchartered waters
of my soul I dive
deep within
to discover the truth that hides…
refusing to surface
out of fear and regret.

A claim no longer valid.
Vanquishing in time and
dissolving past the lies and
worn out excuses that erode
and churn the fragments left of my heart.

I love you.
Without regret or
bitterness I rise
to greet you and
rediscover the pleasure of desire.

Awaiting your approval.
To chance. To risk.
To dive back into your arms and
let go of pain
and suffering and
all the hurt in-between.
Those stolen moments return
And remind me—
Once again…
I love you.

By Tessa Saks


A Forbidden Love?

Love Poem

And the great looks of love, long hidden,
Found at last in meeting eyes.


Imagine -enjoying a forbidden love–never acknowledged.
Until then. Finally.

Is it just me or do you also wonder if she actually had a long hidden love?
I write tormented poems of longing–

Will someone, someday, look back on my words and imagine they spoke of my own pain?
Would they assume I am living my words?
The irony is I am not in anguish. I’m happy. Completely happy.
Or so I think.
So I feel.

But perhaps there is something–
deep below the surface–
that causes me to remember longing and pain so clearly.
To want more.
To remember pleasures beyond words despite their inherent pain.
Any thoughts?


Taken from:

I Have Loved Hours At Sea
by Sara Teasdale, 1884-1933

I have loved hours at sea, gray cities,
The fragile secret of a flower,
Music, the making of a poem
That gave me heaven for an hour.

First stars above a snowy hill,
Voices of people kindly and wise,
And the great looks of love, long hidden,
Found at last in meeting eyes.



So I looked her up and she has an amazing story of lost love.
The man she loved didn’t marry her as he was a poet with no means to support her.
Instead, she married another poet. (A wealthy one!)
Later she divorced her husband and moved two blocks away from her first love,
who was now married with children.
He commits suicide and two years later she commits suicide.

Hidden love?
Tormented by impossible love?

What do you think?


Love Poem: In Every Moment

Love Poem Desire Tessa Saks

In every moment
I stir with a yearning
that disrupts my daily life
in ways
beyond my reason.

I hold back
against the dark forces
that rise
to the surface of my soul
and torment
my existence.

In every moment…
in every act…
every impulse…
is the thought of you.
The remembered longing
of your touch.

I am chained to you
in ways I do not want
and yet I do.
How can I know peace
my very core is riddled
with a longing
that can never be met?
A desire
beyond any satisfaction.

But I return.
Again and again,
to the pressure of you.
Against my sound mind
battles the
passion of my soul.
I’ll never have
what I long for.

In the still of the night
through the peaks and valleys
of activity
this longing remains.
Forever burning for you.
Only you.


By Tessa Saks

Love poem: Hungry with Desire

Love poem Tessa Saks
I stand alone
Hungry with desire to have you
once again–
in a careful whisper
reckless embrace.

In whatever way
I may touch your body
and feel your heat
as it engulfs
the spark
deep within my soul.

My constant longing–
An eternal flame
The pilot light
of our love.

And at any moment
with any word
I might combust
and blaze
far beyond the pleasures
I have known.

in the love of your presence.
Pulling toward you
in spite of my constant

Needing you beyond words.
Beyond flesh.
Beyond desire.
The deeper you.
To lose myself
yet again
in the flame of your love.
And come undone
beyond measure.

Allow myself to open
to the rawness of passion.
My deepest desire
found within the very core
of the all of me.

Help me
release this gift

It is for you.
Only you

By Tessa saks

Love Poem: In Patient Hunger I Wait

Tessa Saks Love Poem

The desire that stirs
and awakens
the heat
deep within my soul
is for you.

My constant longing
to have you once again–
in spite of the confusion
and mistakes.

The remedy that
refuses to surface
and heal old wounds.

I long.
And wait.

In patient hunger
I wait
to feel your body
against my
The warm touch
of your hands
my soul–
And the deeper essence
of all that I am
all that I may seem.

When you with your
unyielding power
my body and
ignite the secret passion
that hides.
Locked away.

Waiting For you
Only you

Poem: Can I Touch You?

Love poem

By Tessa Saks

You move through me
as no one has before.
Igniting the hidden reaches
of my desire.
Burning away all logic and reason.
To still the torment
lost love.
Can I touch you?
If only once more.
To rekindle the flame
that erodes
the very heart of me–
And challenges all that I know
and love.
to all my better judgements
I brace myself
to feel
yet again
the quiver of desire.
And you.
Near me.
Once again.

Poem: I Miss You

Love Poem
By Tessa Saks

I miss you.
In spite of all that is good and all
that is wrong.
Wanting you
through this wall that divides
and separates my love.
Holding it back for eternity.

Against all my better judgements
comes the desire
to hold you again–
if only for a moment.
Frozen in time.
And without consequences.

To have one stolen moment
free from guilt and the constraints
of real life.
Witness the deeper me,
the connection to your soul
where I can feel yet again
a frozen instant of love.
Without remorse.

Loving you.