Love Poem: In Every Moment

Love Poem Desire Tessa Saks

In every moment
I stir with a yearning
that disrupts my daily life
in ways
beyond my reason.

I hold back
against the dark forces
that rise
to the surface of my soul
and torment
my existence.

In every moment…
in every act…
every impulse…
is the thought of you.
The remembered longing
of your touch.

I am chained to you
in ways I do not want
and yet I do.
How can I know peace
my very core is riddled
with a longing
that can never be met?
A desire
beyond any satisfaction.

But I return.
Again and again,
to the pressure of you.
Against my sound mind
battles the
passion of my soul.
I’ll never have
what I long for.

In the still of the night
through the peaks and valleys
of activity
this longing remains.
Forever burning for you.
Only you.


By Tessa Saks


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