Love Poem: Traces of Our Love

blue love

Are you there?
It’s me again.
I call to you
from the twilight of my soul.
Amid the darkness
lives the hope
that I will hold you again.

In this angry hour
of misery
I reach out to find
the strength of
your arms
wrapped in an embrace.
But not with me.

I am alone.
Haunted by the memories
that refuse to leave
my constant plea for freedom.
And my returning cry
to remove
all the traces
of our love.

Sifted through the lies
and pain
lies the truth
of us.

And all the good
and hope
fades back into dark corners
to sit and wait . . .
In the hope of you
once again
in my arms
where you belong.

By Tessa Saks


Love Poem To Anyone Without Love This Valentine’s


I love but you don’t know it.
I love you . . .
Without reason or cause.
And in spite of your faults.

I love you despite all the ways
you keep others at a distance.
Held back by the wall
around your heart.
Your fortress.
The shield that protects
the all of you.
The secret you.
Hidden. Locked.

I love because you
are the only you.
For your smile. Your laughter.
Your pain. Your sorrow.
The all of you.

For all the things that make you
original—I love you.

And if I love you
know that somewhere out there
someone else also loves you.

And one day
when you least expect it
you will
feel love again, too.