Love Poem: I wait For You

Love Poem tessa Saks

I am lost in this sea
of frozen time

Crippled by emptiness of
distant skies

I look to you for answers
I look to you for truth

A murmur
A whisper

I wait with heavy patience
Distilled by a night filled with brilliance

Rising before you

Forgive me

Colors of sorrow remain
to haunt faded desires

A secret stain
Endlessly resurfacing

Memories bitter and stale
Soured by life
Soured by love

Purify my life
Purify my love

Cleanse the discontent
from the hollows
Of my damaged soul

I wait for redemption
Quiet in the stir of morning
I wait

I want to be new
A sterile heart and chaste mind

Forgive me
Cleanse me

Purify the unknown depth
of despair and longing

I wait
I wait for you
Only you

By Tessa Saks


Your Dreams are not Lost

Love Poem

Do not despair your dreams
They are not lost…
Merely displaced.
Hiding beneath the surface
of contentment.

Look deep within
They lay still…in the corners of your heart.
They never abandoned you
Despite your constant neglect.
They are there waiting.
Needing only you to release them…
And free them.
So that once again you may rise to the truth
Of who you are
And what you may be.

Never again fearful.
Moving forward in the choices
That live in your dreams.
And bring all that you desire
Into reality.
Living in the dream
And the truth,

By Tessa Saks



Be love….



The essence of love cannot be learned.

You cannot study and become loving.

It starts inside.

It is eternal. It is flow.

It is released from your center.

It is to be shared, given away, released unconditionally.

It is not a practiced art where one can become better by reading and repeating.

It is spontaneous. Allowing.

It pours out of your center and fills you.

Once you are full, you can direct outwards to others.

Like a source of power and energy; it radiates out and there is no limit to how far reaching it can go.

This is the essence of love.

By Tessa Saks