Love Poem: I wait For You

Love Poem tessa Saks

I am lost in this sea
of frozen time

Crippled by emptiness of
distant skies

I look to you for answers
I look to you for truth

A murmur
A whisper

I wait with heavy patience
Distilled by a night filled with brilliance

Rising before you

Forgive me

Colors of sorrow remain
to haunt faded desires

A secret stain
Endlessly resurfacing

Memories bitter and stale
Soured by life
Soured by love

Purify my life
Purify my love

Cleanse the discontent
from the hollows
Of my damaged soul

I wait for redemption
Quiet in the stir of morning
I wait

I want to be new
A sterile heart and chaste mind

Forgive me
Cleanse me

Purify the unknown depth
of despair and longing

I wait
I wait for you
Only you

By Tessa Saks


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