Love Poem: Waiting

How may I count all the days…and hours…
Until I see you again. To touch you. To have your body near me.
Hoping beyond reason…that you will feel as I do.
Hungry for your flesh.
Wanting beyond measure the connection to your soul.
I burn for you as a candle,
slowly melting
until nothing remains
Then reignited to burn again.
My flame stronger
reaching higher with every new encounter of you.
Do you burn for me?
Do you miss the touch of my hands
upon you?
Are you awoken by the hunger for my body?

And when we meet again
will you remember?
Will you take me in your arms
and let all the days
and hours
slip away into a deeper comfort?
The comfort of our love?
The comfort of our souls united in flesh
and sealed with the bond
of two hearts.

I wonder as I wait.
Hoping beyond all my fear
That you will grab me
never let me go
Knowing that the deepest love
is said in body.
Without words or
explainations or
Just flesh against flesh.
The truth revealed in our unity.
Balancing our love to grow
and expand beyond time
beyond measure.
To be one.
As before.
As always.

By Tessa Saks

Love Poem Tessa Saks



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