I Stand Alone

I stand alone…waiting.

Hungry with desire…
To have you once again.

In a careful whisper or a reckless embrace.
As it engulfs the spark deep within my soul.

My constant longing…
An eternal flame

The pilot light of our love.


And at any moment…With any word
I might combust…and blaze
beyond the pleasures I have known.

Renewed in the love of your presence.
Pulling toward you in spite of my constant

Needing you beyond words.
Beyond flesh.
Beyond desire.

The deeper you

To lose myself yet again…
In the flame of your love.

And come undone
beyond measure

Allow myself to open
To the rawness of passion

My deepest desire
found within the very core
of the all of me.

Help me release this gift

It is for you
Only you

By Tessa Saks



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