Poem: Truth

magnolia love 2
There is no reason to waste
countless hours
and days and months
and years
on regret.

Time cannot heal
wounds that
are self-inflicted.
Mistaken in their analysis.

Flawed logic
that causes me to
see the past as failure.
Instead of what it is—

The choices made in moments.
The choices that despite
my best intentions
held me back.

Gripped by the fear of moving
I chose instead
to avoid the upsets
that living in truth creates.

But now I stand ready
to cast all the years
and move forward
toward a bright vision
of what can be
when I finally
take the steps to be true
to the all that I am.

So I may become—
all that I may be.


By Tessa Saks


Love Poem: Your Love

Without your love to guide me
would I find my way?

Moving through the darkness
of my life.
Past all the lies and broken hopes
now scattered around me—
Tainting my actions with fear
and regret.

Restraining my resolve to move ahead
and let go of all my resentment
wipe clean my past.

To allow me to move forward
in the direction of my dreams.
Opening up to the promise of what might be
if only I could release
begin to live

And become the better me.


By Tessa Saks

Love Poem: A Part of You

I cannot resist
the power of your love
No matter how I try.

You knocked me
from my safe haven of life
and cast me into
the reckless danger
of your embrace.

In one fleeting
All that I know…
All that I was…
became forever

Drawn into a
consuming desire
to be a part of you.

In the stolen
quiet of your kiss
I melted into you.
Becoming one
with the deeper part of you.

The deeper part you
never reveal.
The part that scares you.
The part I want to stay

And beyond.

By Tessa Saks