Love Poem: Have You Forgotten?

You will never know
how far away
you feel
despite lying so close
to my body.
Where are you now?
And why do I sense
the vacancy in your smiles?
Have you forgotten
all that we shared
and the countless hours
of laughter and joy?

Whatever weighs on you
stifles the all of your soul
leaving a hollow shell
that looks and sounds
like the one I love
but hides the essence of who you really are.

I miss you.
As I lay next to your body
this wall of indifference builds into a fortress
from my discontent.

Can I reach you
and pull you back?
Back to life
and love
and joy.
And all the passion and heartache
that make life worth living.
And return you
to the vibrant soul
that loved with fiercest hunger
and an endless appetite for me.
Only me.


by Tessa Saks


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