Love Poem: Whisper of Love

The silent whisper of love reaches beyond my constant fear and longing.
It permeates all that I see and feel and experience.
The hope that I will love again reduces the chaos around me into fragmented rubble.
And I can endure
whatever heartache stands in my way.
For I know that one day, when I least expect it,
love will return to me and find
I am ready.
A willing participant
Reinforced and open to all that may be.
And you–
this love I seek–
will discover
the joy of tempered passion
harvesting an energy long withheld
but now
in your arms
ready to detonate and release
all that I am
and give to you
beyond words and whispers
a love that will engulf us and shine bright
into eternity.
For you are the one I wait for.
Only you.


Tessa Saks

Love Poem


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