Why Pretend?

Tessa saks
It begins when we are children. The magic of make-believe enriches our play.
We discover we have the power to create whatever world we want. And no one stops us.
Empowered to alter facts, create friends or perform amazing feats, we know no bounds.
Life is what we make it. And if we don’t like the way it really is, pretending helps us cope by allowing us to escape. We can pretend to do or be whatever we want. It inspires us.

Then we grow up. And pretending changes.
We pretend to be happy. We pretend to care. We pretend we are doing the right thing.
But deep in our hearts, we know. We are sad. Or lonely. Or scared. Or embarrassed.
Sometimes it is easier to hide from our true feelings. So we can continue without disruption to our life.
Pretending helps us hide from the truth.

But what if we could let go and allow our truth to be revealed? To heal the hurt and find happiness. And instead of pretending, we begin living. Unafraid to be ourselves. The way we were when we we were children. When nothing mattered except having fun. Living in the moment.

And trusting that we are already perfect. That life is meant to be joyous. And true joy can only be found when we allow who we really are to shine through. And we love ourselves. And trust ourselves. And we stop pretending.


By Tessa Saks


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