Avidly Passionate Avidly Greedy

One thing I never considered in the self-reflection of my passions—-is their relation to greed.

Am I greedy?
Guilty as charged.

I declare my avid love of books. Of art. Of history. Of beautiful objects. Of costumes and fashion history. Of flowers and trees. Of oceans and beaches. Of babies.
Of living. Of loving.

I enjoy indulging in all of these and more. And my appetite never wanes. I can never have enough. My sensory overload is limitless when it comes to my desires. I seem to gain energy from my longings. They charge with pleasure in multitudes of ways. I become more. More connected. More loving. More joyous. More forgiving. More tolerant. More compassionate. More creative. More of the real me. The one free from the expectations of others.

I need only to think about the these loves of mine and I am happier. And when I experience them firsthand–happier still. I am boundless in my cravings.
And like an addict, they seem to grow. Enlarging my appetite for more. Opening space within my soul for new experiences and opportunities. There is never enough. Never an end. Never a feeling of completion. For this is an onward journey, expanding the horizons of my soul.

And so I am also greedy. My insatiable demand for more is endless. And despite what others may think or say, I will continue forever in my quest to relish in the richness of life and all the encounters that lay before me.
I am evolving. And avid. So very very avid.

But the bigger question I wonder is:
Are you avid and greedy too?






Love poem: Hungry with Desire

Love poem Tessa Saks
I stand alone
Hungry with desire to have you
once again–
in a careful whisper
reckless embrace.

In whatever way
I may touch your body
and feel your heat
as it engulfs
the spark
deep within my soul.

My constant longing–
An eternal flame
The pilot light
of our love.

And at any moment
with any word
I might combust
and blaze
far beyond the pleasures
I have known.

in the love of your presence.
Pulling toward you
in spite of my constant

Needing you beyond words.
Beyond flesh.
Beyond desire.
The deeper you.
To lose myself
yet again
in the flame of your love.
And come undone
beyond measure.

Allow myself to open
to the rawness of passion.
My deepest desire
found within the very core
of the all of me.

Help me
release this gift

It is for you.
Only you

By Tessa saks

Poem: You are the One


You are the One
By Tessa Saks
You are the light
 that fills my days with meaning.
 You are the joy
 that awakens my soul with pleasure.
 You are the one
 who ignites my deepest passion.
And no matter where you are
 or what you choose to do
 Know that deep in my heart
 I will love only you.

Poem: Where Are You Now?

love poem rapture 4

By Tessa Saks

Where are you now
my forgotten love?
Why am I not
with you?
Should I repent
cast aside
the pain that
stirs deep within.
I was yours
in heart
and mind.
A bond forged
in you.
I know it well
but you
seem lost.
Unable to see the truth.
You felt the joy
I know you did
In the
depths of all that’s true.
The softest touch.
A gentle kiss.
With whispers just for you.
Yet you turned your back
to love’s true call.
For what I cannot say.
But know that
I am ever yours
and waiting
for you
Only you.

Love Poem: A Stolen Kiss

Love Poem tessa Saks

A Stolen Kiss
By George Wither

Now gentle sleep hath closed up those eyes
Which, waking kept my boldest thoughts in awe;
And free access unto thy sweet lip lies,
From whence I long the rosy breath to draw.

Methinks not wrong it were, if I should steal
From those two melting rubies one poor kiss;
None sees the theft that would the theft reveal,
Nor rob I her of aught that she can miss;

Nay should I twenty kisses take away,
There be little sign I would do so;
Why then should I this robbery delay?
O, she may wake, and therewith angry grow!
Well, if she do, I’ll back restore that one,
And twenty hundred thousand more for loan.

Love Poem: Remembered Kiss VII

Love Poem
Remembered Kiss VII
By Tessa Saks

In the frozen quiet
of morning
I wake
to feel your touch.

A remembered kiss
moves through me
stirring the
back to life.

My constant pull
to find you.
To press my body
firm against yours.
And discover
in the strength
of your embrace…Desire

The endless passion
only to remind me
of all that
I lost
you broke me.
Scattering my love
into all directions.
Never to be found

Fragmented forever
in the winds
of time.
With only memories
to rise and erase
the pain.
A fleeting joy
in remembrance
of the passion
we held.

Bound together
for eternity
the impossible
wakes into
a clear light
shadows on the

Bringing them
beyond awareness.
Too painful to ignore.
Too deep
to erase.

That only time
can wear down
to reveal
the once beautiful
joy of
our perfect love.

In memories.
In the quiet morning.

Before my head stirs and remembers to forget.