The Path to Desire


You already know.

There is one path. The path you choose.

Look forward. Look ahead to what you desire.

This is the path.

Fill your heart with your desires. Love. Life. Joy.

Whatever you see, whatever you desire. Hold it.

Create it by belief. Create it by allowing. By following your heart. This is the way.

This is the only way.

What is in your heart? Love? Joy? Grief? Despair?

What do you desire?

Hold it. Hold on to it daily. Hourly. Minute by minute.

Ask yourself:

What is my deepest desire?

What results do I truly seek in this moment?

In the next moment?

In all the moments forward?

What destiny will my thoughts lead me to?

What course am I creating in this exact moment?

You will never know the specifics of the course, but you will always know the destination.

Hold that. Hold it in your heart.

Let others see the destiny in your heart by your actions.

Forgiveness and joy will lead to your goals.

Jealously and fear will not take you there. That will be a path to unhappiness.

Are you adding to that path?

Which path are you on in this exact moment?


Be on the path to what you hold in your heart. This is the only way to happiness. The only way to joy.

Hold love in your heart.

The journey to love will be a path with many outcomes along the way.

Embrace them.

Honor them.

Use the moments to fuel new moments. Rising to the surface will be your path.

Question not.

Allow the possibilities to rise to the surface. When you trust and know your true goal, you move effortlessly towards it. Through various means.

This is not a perfect path, but it is a path of opportunity.

This is not the path to riches, but to a rich life.

This is not the path to success, but to a successful life.

There is much joy in the journey.

Allow it.

You can handle it.

Do not deny yourself joy along the way.

The most specific thing we can tell you is to do the work that you most find joy in.

You will not be wrong.

There is no wrong.

Open to the work.

Become the work.

Close off the clutter of others.

Be you.

Discover you.

Discover what you have to say.

Discover what you have to show.

Let that guide you in all.

Trust yourself.

Be yourself.

That is enough.

That is all.

That is everything.