Why Are We Unfinished?

Love Poem Tessa Saks
Can we ever be finished? I hope not.

Striving is a part of all of us. Life is the constant moving forward and forever improving. We are not born with everything figured out. We learn and grow and continue on this journey of discovery. And in the discovery comes the joy. The joy of a new adventure, a new toy, a new friend or new love. Anything can inspire us and reveal feelings. Good or bad they tell us where to go next.

And the journey continues until we decide to stop trying new things. To rest. To stay where we are and just be. But then we become unhappy. We expect everything around us to stay the same. But they can’t. Life is advancing, with or without us. It is all about change. And in that change we continue to add to the masterpiece of our life.

We are both creator and recipient of all creation. A team of builders and artists on an eternal canvas. The canvas of life. And as any artist knows, a true masterpiece is never finished. It will always remain a work-in-progress. A beautiful, inspiring collaborative project.

And so we are one. United in our perfection and our differences.
Ever growing. Ever-changing. And never finished.


By Tessa Saks



Poem: Truth

magnolia love 2
There is no reason to waste
countless hours
and days and months
and years
on regret.

Time cannot heal
wounds that
are self-inflicted.
Mistaken in their analysis.

Flawed logic
that causes me to
see the past as failure.
Instead of what it is—

The choices made in moments.
The choices that despite
my best intentions
held me back.

Gripped by the fear of moving
I chose instead
to avoid the upsets
that living in truth creates.

But now I stand ready
to cast all the years
and move forward
toward a bright vision
of what can be
when I finally
take the steps to be true
to the all that I am.

So I may become—
all that I may be.


By Tessa Saks

Love Poem: A Part of You

I cannot resist
the power of your love
No matter how I try.

You knocked me
from my safe haven of life
and cast me into
the reckless danger
of your embrace.

In one fleeting
All that I know…
All that I was…
became forever

Drawn into a
consuming desire
to be a part of you.

In the stolen
quiet of your kiss
I melted into you.
Becoming one
with the deeper part of you.

The deeper part you
never reveal.
The part that scares you.
The part I want to stay

And beyond.

By Tessa Saks

Tell Me

Tell me the wind is but a whimper—

Low the flame that leaps the grates;

Tell me the lightening’s but a simple

Evidence of starlit fate.

On the rooftop beats the rain,

Bend my ear

Far from fear

And tell me spring will come again.

Tell me the grass will green as pure—

Not from fear the lambs are bleating;

Tell me the sun will shine as sure—

Not from the darkness sleeting.

Thunder breaks beyond the door,

Hold me tight

Far from night

And tell me we will love once more.

By Barbara Shook

Poem: Finding Your Path


There is one path. The path you choose.

Look forward. Look ahead to what you desire.
This is the path.
Fill your heart with your desires. Love. Life. Joy.
Whatever you see, whatever you desire. Hold it.
Create it by belief. Create it by allowing. By following your heart. This is the way.
This is the only way.

What is in your heart? Love? Joy? Grief? Despair?
What do you desire?
Hold it. Hold on to it daily. Hourly. Minute by minute.

Ask yourself:
What is my deepest desire?
What results do I truly seek in this moment?
In the next moment?
In all the moments forward?

What destiny will my thoughts lead me to?
What course am I creating in this exact moment?
You will never know the specifics of the course, but you will always know the destination.
Hold that. Hold it in your heart.
Let others see the destiny in your heart by your actions.

Forgiveness and joy will lead to your goals.
Jealously and fear will not take you there. That will be a path to unhappiness.
Are you adding to that path?
Which path are you on in this exact moment?

Be on the path to what you hold in your heart. This is the only way to happiness. The only way to joy.
Hold love in your heart.

The journey to love will be a path with many outcomes along the way.
Embrace them.
Honor them.
Use the moments to fuel new moments.

Rising to the surface will be your path.
Embrace it.
Enjoy it.
Be love.


By Tessa Saks


Love Poem: In Patient Hunger I Wait

Tessa Saks Love Poem

The desire that stirs
and awakens
the heat
deep within my soul
is for you.

My constant longing
to have you once again–
in spite of the confusion
and mistakes.

The remedy that
refuses to surface
and heal old wounds.

I long.
And wait.

In patient hunger
I wait
to feel your body
against my
The warm touch
of your hands
my soul–
And the deeper essence
of all that I am
all that I may seem.

When you with your
unyielding power
my body and
ignite the secret passion
that hides.
Locked away.

Waiting For you
Only you