Poem: Departure

Love Poem New York Waiting

It hurts to think you may never know

How much love I feel …

Too deep to show.

My heart is full of love to last

My thoughts bring memories,

A cherished past.

While I do not want to let you leave

I’m happy for you and shall not grieve.

For time goes on and life does lead

A course for us to each



Tessa Saks


Bits and Pieces of Love…

Love christmas

Bits and Pieces of Love…

The box of Christmas ornaments hidden away for so long spilled onto the floor; memories flooded back, two adult children taken from me.  Frozen in time, I picked up the handmade treasures; paper, ribbon, bits and pieces of love formed into special ornaments that these children made for me when they were children.

Tonight I sit, a wounded soul and I write a letter that I have not written since I myself was a child.  

Dear Santa Clause,

There are just a few wishes this year on my list.  Leave me a sign that my children know how much they are missed.  Leave me a box of magic needles and thread to mend my heart so that I may find a reason to get out of bed .  Maybe a bag of Christmas Spirit filled with love that eases the pain of what I lost to Heaven above.  Do you still remember me Santa after all of these years; do you remember how your gifts could take away my tears?  I know that I have ask for a lot, but can I have a reason to live tied up in a shiny new box; four years…a long time to grieve, please Santa with all my heart I want to believe. 

Love, Anne

This is such a beautiful and touching piece from Anne Johnson Murphree, a writer who lost her children. The link below connects you with her blog and more heartwarming pieces.

Bits and Pieces of Love….

Love Poem: And If At Last

Love Tessa saks 2
And If At Last
By Louise Labe
And if at last he drew me to his side
In hot embrace, for whom I waste away;
And if this sick necessity to stay
With him forever were satisfied;
And if he held me so and sighed,
Oh love, Let us be true, let such fatality
Join us as neither hurricane nor sea
Nor subtler turbulence shall ever move;
And if I held him bound upon my breast,
Frantic and ardent, as the ivies cling
About the mighty bough, and death should spring
Upon me: I offer all my breath
Upon his lips at last, and sink to rest.

Love Poem: Constant Longing

Love Poem Dark

Constant Longing
by Tessa Saks

And with this—the summer
of my discontent.
How could you know
how to see
the trouble within,
a stillness be?

Shorn from soul
a troubled mind
a weary heart
and forgotten blind love
of thee.

Will you remember
the time stood still?
A thunderous heart
for a devil’s pull.

What course is mine
to fallow and want,
a lesson in kindness?
A choice in scant
and idle pleasure.

You tore my heart
from bits of bigger pieces.
The whole of my life.

And forgiveness can
be still
within unchaste longing
forgotten rhythm
and delight,
at lover’s lost
a torrid night.

My still wounded pride
surfaces to reach you
and evermore
the slave.

And do your bidding
close the door,
shut me away
before my heart
does long to stray.

I am not
when you are near.
I seek redemption
and quiet
to still
my restless heart
and unchallenged soul.

A witness to my misery and
unaware of captivity
and a tumbled brew.

I long for a touch
to hasten away
the fire and rocks
beneath a troubled
heart and
unvanquished soul.

You destroy me to rebuild,
what was once whole
but broken
and flawed.

Can you see where
and why
I no longer
need your touch as
Fear has stolen the dream
Of kisses.

Harden my resolve to
cast you aside
Destroy this hunger
to keep my heart alive.

You are untrue, you reckless heart
Chasten in desire
But empty in
virtue long and true.

What would I gain,
giving over to you
the sum of all the better
And yet
I wish
I seek
to try again.

Against my better judgment
and caustic longing.
I wait.
I seek to forget
To dissolve.

You wrenched soul
a destroyer of heart
and life
for foolish gain.

Romantic heart, stands
waiting to your

Eternity expands to open
her door
And I am swallowed
Falling deeper
into the darker stare.

A loss of life,
of love and hearts true.
A constant longing
For none
but you.

Weep No More For I am Gone but Not Lost

Weep No More Loss

Weep no more for I am gone but not lost.

I live in the eternal life of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

In the unseen reality of all that is real, all that is true, all that matters.

I am here, hidden from view but surrounding all life. Encompassing it.

Whole. Complete.

A vision of light.

I have no fear. No worries. I am complete.

I take only what I need and give more than I desire.

I am lost in the wind and found in the trees.

I am part of water, part of life, part of death.

I blend into the forgotten and surface in the memories.

I am never gone from you.

I dissolve back into oneness with life.

I am purity reborn. Allow me to roam the caverns and crevices of life.

Let me expand into darkness and shed light.

Hold me close but let me go, expanding evermore into light and love.

When my quest is done, I will rest.

But do not believe I am resting now. I am very much alive and living.

I am better. I am whole.

I can expand into love and life without end.

Could you imagine this? Please do.

Hold no regrets for my passing.

It is of flesh and bones I pass on, but I pass on to life.

I am better now. Can this be?

It can and yes. I have no regrets. Only love. Only kindness. Only forgiveness.

I lived and loved and will continue on this journey.

I am in a new flesh, invisible to you, unseen and misunderstood.

But here I am, speaking now. Full of wonder and joy.

Be happy.

There is more to life than you could ever imagine.

It does not end. It begins anew and yet continues.

We are one.

We are part of something bigger. Something grander than you could ever imagine.

We are without needs. Without worries. Without tears.

There is laughter and joy.

Be joyous. Fill your hearts with love. Drink in life.

Enjoy what lies before you.

Enjoy what lay behind you.

You are part of all of it. Enjoy it all.

There is much that you can do if you allow.

There is much that you can be.

What will you be?

Open the doors to your soul and allow yourself to be love…at all times.

To see the love in everyone.

To experience love. To awaken to joy.

Eliminate doubt. Eliminate worry. Eliminate greed. Eliminate jealousy.

We are one. That is the lesson you seek.

That is all you need to know. So simple, yet so misunderstood.

Can you live it now?


Be one with all life.

It is there for you.

You are a part of everything so you need not hoard.

You need not worry for having.

You have it all, already.

Dream the dream and it is yours.

What script do you wake up to each day?

What if I told you they are only scripts? They are all movie roles. You choose. You act. You believe. But they are merely scripts.

Write your own script.

Live your own life.

Seek your own joy.

Be not a follower of false promises and beliefs.

Do not live others scripts.

Live yours.

Write yours.

Be yours.

Be you.

Now. Today. This moment.



Andy Virgil Illustrator Extraordinaire!


By Tessa Saks


I am lost in this sea

Of frozen time

Crippled by emptiness of

Distant skies

I look to you for answers

I look to you for truth


A murmur

A whisper

I wait with heavy patience

Distilled by a night filled

With brilliance

Rising before you



Forgive me

Colors of sorrow remain

To haunt faded desires

A secret stain

Endlessly resurfacing

Memories bitter and stale

Soured by life

Soured by love

Purify my life

Purify my love

Cleanse the discontent

From the hollows

Of my damaged soul

I wait for redemption

Quiet in the stir of morning

I wait

I want to be new

A sterile heart

And chaste mind

Forgive me

Cleanse me

Purify the unknown depth

Of despair and longing

I wait

I wait for you

Only you