The Path to Love and Joy

Sir John Lavery, Morning, South of France

Sir John Lavery, Morning, South of France

And so you wake and life begins anew,

What can you be now?

Be yourself. Be your whole self.

Share in the energy that is yours.

Expand in love. Grow towards the enrichment of others.

You do not need to teach. You need only to live as an example.

Be the way to joy. Be part of love.

As you move through your day, experience joy in everything you do.

When you seek joy, it will appear.

There is much joy in everything the world has to offer.

There is joy in life. In all life. You need only to see it.

Do you close the blinds off in your mind, in your heart, in your soul?

Do you shut away the chance to experience joy?

Only you can do this.

Only you can close them and rightly only you can open them.

How do they open?

They open when you begin to allow love to flow.

They open when you begin to see the world as it really is, not through your biased opinions.

Your opinions formed by your experiences.

If life has been full of frustration and hardship, of challenges that never see success, you will see the world through them.

Wipe the surface clean.

Imagine you are someone else. Remove old memories and pain.

What would you see?

There is as much good in the world as you want there to be.

Remove the self-made blocks to your soul.

You will begin to open to love.

You will begin to experience joy in the many wonders that are life.

It is not about taking or receiving in life, it is about giving.

You give with your time. You give with your love.

You give with the joy you can share.

Your joy in the world can be shared with others.

That is the key.

Create joy and allow others to experience it.

Let them bask in the rays of your love and joy. Let it inspire others.

There can be no greater joy for you than to give love to others.

Give whether they choose to receive or not.

Do not give money and withhold love.

Do not fool yourself to thinking that money replaces love.

Give the gift of love. Give the gift of joy. Celebrate life.

Help others to see the world as you see the world.

Will you spread joy or fear?

Will you spread hope or misery?

Will you spread beauty or ignorance?

The choice is yours. In every moment. In every decision.

What are you choosing to share?

How are you influencing others?

What words will touch them?

What will they see?

What will they feel?

When you are incomplete yourself you are like a vacuum, sucking joy from others and seeking pleasure from exterior events and opportunities.

You are not creating for yourself and certainly not for others.

You may say, ‘but I am happy when I get what I want.’

Yes, you are, but that is not a happy that spreads to others.

It is a limited happy. It is a different sort of happy. It is a selfish happy that pulls inward.

Be the outward happy.

Be the ‘happy’ that starts inside and radiates out.

Be the happy that is joy.

You are your own church. You are your own religion.

Wherever you are, you have it.

Whatever form of faith or beliefs you hold, you have within you.