We belong together.

I am not one to share my thoughts with strangers but when writing my heart opens and the deepest parts of my soul are revealed. And yet, standing beside you, my voice freezes. I want to be with you. To be near you once again.
We shared a life of love and heartache and I never wanted it to end. What happened that we are now apart?

We belong together. I can say it a million different ways in writing and yet when we are together something holds me and
I cannot say all that needs to be released.

The heart is a strange tool for love. It often fails when you need it most. Or perhaps it knows better. It protects you from the madness of honesty and pain. Would we be happy together? Perhaps my heart imagines it and allows me this folly but prevents the reality from harming the fragile nature of love. Of our love. For I want you beyond measure.

Should I take the risk and betray the danger of rejection? So we may be as we once were. Bound by love. And happy.
Together. Forever.


Tessa Saks

Love poem Tessa Saks



Love Poem: Waiting

Is there love without sacrifice? Can I endure past the misery of longing?
I wait in expectation for your return and the pleasure of nights in your arms.
You demonstrate the ultimate sacrifice through
your life
and the risks required to keep us safe.
And so I too
must live without you near
and wait with patience and anticipation
for the day
when you are here
and I no longer need fear
that you will be taken from me.

And love will erase any sense of loss
or traces of abandonment.
For we will be as one.
United in love and life.
Together forever.
Into eternity.


Tessa Saks

Love Poem: Keep Me Beyond Eternity

Cast me not from the shadows of your soul
but keep me beyond eternity
For I am one with you
in heart and body
forever forged
in the refuge of my soul
All that I am
is stained with the
colors of your laughter
your joy
your endless sense of wonder
and goodness.
And no matter where I am
your love
and all the days and years
that cascade over a lifetime
will remain


by Tessa Saks

Love Poem: Waiting

How may I count all the days…and hours…
Until I see you again. To touch you. To have your body near me.
Hoping beyond reason…that you will feel as I do.
Hungry for your flesh.
Wanting beyond measure the connection to your soul.
I burn for you as a candle,
slowly melting
until nothing remains
Then reignited to burn again.
My flame stronger
reaching higher with every new encounter of you.
Do you burn for me?
Do you miss the touch of my hands
upon you?
Are you awoken by the hunger for my body?

And when we meet again
will you remember?
Will you take me in your arms
and let all the days
and hours
slip away into a deeper comfort?
The comfort of our love?
The comfort of our souls united in flesh
and sealed with the bond
of two hearts.

I wonder as I wait.
Hoping beyond all my fear
That you will grab me
never let me go
Knowing that the deepest love
is said in body.
Without words or
explainations or
Just flesh against flesh.
The truth revealed in our unity.
Balancing our love to grow
and expand beyond time
beyond measure.
To be one.
As before.
As always.

By Tessa Saks

Love Poem Tessa Saks


Poem: Departure

Love Poem New York Waiting

It hurts to think you may never know

How much love I feel …

Too deep to show.

My heart is full of love to last

My thoughts bring memories,

A cherished past.

While I do not want to let you leave

I’m happy for you and shall not grieve.

For time goes on and life does lead

A course for us to each



Tessa Saks

Love Poem: Traces of Our Love

blue love

Are you there?
It’s me again.
I call to you
from the twilight of my soul.
Amid the darkness
lives the hope
that I will hold you again.

In this angry hour
of misery
I reach out to find
the strength of
your arms
wrapped in an embrace.
But not with me.

I am alone.
Haunted by the memories
that refuse to leave
my constant plea for freedom.
And my returning cry
to remove
all the traces
of our love.

Sifted through the lies
and pain
lies the truth
of us.

And all the good
and hope
fades back into dark corners
to sit and wait . . .
In the hope of you
once again
in my arms
where you belong.

By Tessa Saks

A Forbidden Love?

Love Poem

And the great looks of love, long hidden,
Found at last in meeting eyes.


Imagine -enjoying a forbidden love–never acknowledged.
Until then. Finally.

Is it just me or do you also wonder if she actually had a long hidden love?
I write tormented poems of longing–

Will someone, someday, look back on my words and imagine they spoke of my own pain?
Would they assume I am living my words?
The irony is I am not in anguish. I’m happy. Completely happy.
Or so I think.
So I feel.

But perhaps there is something–
deep below the surface–
that causes me to remember longing and pain so clearly.
To want more.
To remember pleasures beyond words despite their inherent pain.
Any thoughts?


Taken from:

I Have Loved Hours At Sea
by Sara Teasdale, 1884-1933

I have loved hours at sea, gray cities,
The fragile secret of a flower,
Music, the making of a poem
That gave me heaven for an hour.

First stars above a snowy hill,
Voices of people kindly and wise,
And the great looks of love, long hidden,
Found at last in meeting eyes.



So I looked her up and she has an amazing story of lost love.
The man she loved didn’t marry her as he was a poet with no means to support her.
Instead, she married another poet. (A wealthy one!)
Later she divorced her husband and moved two blocks away from her first love,
who was now married with children.
He commits suicide and two years later she commits suicide.

Hidden love?
Tormented by impossible love?

What do you think?